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Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

Now, I really like this. It’s a fantastic, old-school run-and-gun FPS. The graphics are about the standard you’d expect from a PS3/360 FPS and the English setting doesn’t add as much as I thought it might, but on the plus side the controls work incredibly well – yes, on a Dual Shock, sorry, SIXAXIS – and the sounds are excellent.

It doesn’t really do much – it’s a standard FPS tarted up a bit with nice weapons – but I do like some old school FPS action at times. Remember, I’m one of the sixteen people who ordered Doom 3. There’s no squad tactics, no cunning enemy AI, no advanture elements, it’s just running around shooting mutants in the face.

Forumla 1 CE Demo (PS3)

With the driving aids on and damage off it’s very dull indeed.

With the driving aids off and damage on it’s much more dynamic, but my wheels keep falling off.

I don’t think I’ll be buying the full game, though for patient, careful F1 fans it seems like it could be decent.

Genji: Days of the Blade Demo (PS3)

Rubbish. It’s fairly standard hack and slash action with lovely lighting and a terrible, terrible camera is appalling.

I mean, I did get to fight a giant enemy crab and expose its weak spot to do massive damage, but it wasn’t really much fun.

Third Impressions (PS3)

Well, I’ve now set Gran Turismo HD, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Gripshift and demos of Formula 1, Genji and Ridge Racer 7 to download.

Gran Turismo is finished and is now installing itself, which takes a strangely lengthy amount of time. Ah! Here we go! Now to… play!

Second Impressions (PS3)

It’s bloody massive. Huge. Enormous.

Plugged optical, HDMI and power cables in round the back. Plugged the controller and a USB keyboard in round the front.

Set it up easily enough – connected to my wi-fi network without hassle. Am in 1080i mode, but may drop down to 720p and see if that’s better. Audio’s coming out of my receiver via an optical connection.

Am now doing an update to the system software to get it up to 1.60.

One day I may even play a game on this thing!

First Impressions (PS3)

It’s really, really heavy and doesn’t fit into my trolley.

Also: I’m sick and it’s raining.

I’ll set it up soon.