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Sam & Max Hit The Road (DS)

More of a tech-test than a play session, but I managed to get it working and watched the initial cut scene and then talked to Max in the first room. Hooray for emulation!

Virtua Tennis 3 Demo (360)

Off work sick, remembered about this, tried it out.

Now, either it’s because my head is all messed up with purest ill or it’s because the difficulty level is insane, but in four matches I managed to score a grand total of two points.

I don’t think I’ll be buying this.

Trip To Gamestation

So, this afternoon my lovely wife and I wheeled about a hundred and fifty old games or so up to Gamestation.

They wouldn’t take Just Cause or Tomb Raider: Legend because they were imports. I’d forgotten about that. Just Cause was actually a PAL copy, but had “Distribution outside the UK only” written on the back, so I they wouldn’t take it. They also couldn’t take Michigan: Report from Hell, which though an official UK release was obviously so badly distributed that no copies even made it as far as the Gamestation central computer.

When pulling the games out of the bag I decided I couldn’t part with Mario Golf, Hitman Contracts, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution or Thief: Deadly Shadows, so they come home with us, too.

Anyway, after all that I was given a credit note for a massive £543, which means that on Friday we can get a Playstation 3 with two or three games. Hooray!

I’m now absolutely terrified of losing that credit note. I’m effectively going to be carrying around over half a grand in my wallet for the next week. Eek.

(If I left it at home I’d be terrified of a fire burning it up, or rats eating it, or gremlins stealing it, or a local time-space disturbance sucking it into an unholy vortex.)

Splatterhouse (Wii)

As a Friday The 13th one I had to buy this. It’s not at all bad. I got to Stage 4 and then my credits ran out. Not too bad.

The boss with chainsaw arms and a bag over is head is awesome.

2*Ash + Jason(Part II)

Er, that’s his formula.

New Adventure Island (Wii)

Put this on for a few minutes after checking the voting channel with my wife. Started the session on level 2-1, ended the session on level 2-1. I hate frogs.