The wait for GTA IV got too much this evening, so I had to start this up for the first time since 2006. Three things shocked me most -

1) The graphics look jaw-droppingly horrible for the first two minutes. This new generation of HD gaming has spoiled me. Luckily, within a few minutes I’d forgotten the technical deficiencies entirely.

2) The aiming on the Dual Shock stick is completely awful. Didn’t really notice until I tried a shooting mini game in an Ammunation, but, ugh.

3) I can remember huge amounts of the map. Gun locations, safe houses, Cluckin’ Bells, etc. I don’t know all the map, but I’m sure I shouldn’t remember the layout quite so well two years after I last played.

Anyway, it still plays brilliantly, it’s great and while the aiming was never good and the years haven’t been kind to the graphics, everything else has stood the test of time immensely well. I was worried I was going to destroy some precious memories, but I didn’t. Yay.

And I completed the mission I’d been stuck on when I last played. Hooray!