Hmm, I say. Hmm.

I’d heard good things about Skullpogo and I’d nearly bought it for £1.19 several times, but I never quite got there. This weekend, though, it went down in price to a lovely FREE!, so I grabbed it.

And I’m really not sure what to make of it. The tutorial explains the game mechanics, but doesn’t tell you anything about the different game modes or how to survive. I think in the main mode you jump around until the time runs out and refill the time by leveling up, but I’m not sure. (That may have even been explained in the tutorial, actually. It’s hard for me to remember.) And I’m not sure why level-up pick-ups appear, in any case.


Bounce! Bounce!

And I’m not sure how Farm mode differs, mechanically, from the original mode either. And I’ve not tried Halloween mode.

I’m probably being incredibly stupid, but I really just need a page or two of help in the game, explaining how it all works.

Oh, and that “reverse controls” pick-up needs to die. Never a good idea.