It’s sort of like pachinko, but different. It’s good fun. Fine. Okay.

What I don’t like one little bit is the demo model. You download the full game, you can play it for an hour, then it kicks you out and asks for money. Twenty dollars in this case. The itch was there, but I didn’t scratch. I could resist. But! Here comes the evil bit. After your hour is up, the game lets you start it up for two minute sessions. Yes, just two minutes. Just enough to keep the craving alive, but not enough to satisfy it. After several of the two minute sessions I threw my hands up in defeat (possibly literally, I don’t remember) and paid my twenty bucks to carry on playing. The payment takes place inside the game. You don’t even have to open a browser or wait for an email.

I’ll probably be bored it after two hours of play, but that hour just wasn’t enough and those two minute sessions meant I couldn’t forget.

I’m so weak. I wish companies wouldn’t take advantage.