No, don’t get excited. I didn’t actually play this. I don’t have any great tales of space adventures and explosions to relate. I can’t even regale you with tales of ferrying religious pamphlets around the cosmos, which is all I seem to end up doing normally.

So why am I blogging? Well, I did the start the game up. An update came out for the game this morning that implemented Apple’s whizzy new anti-aliasing and I thought I’d check out the difference. So here are two screen shots, one taken before I downloaded the update and one afterwards.





It’s like night and day! It’s practically a whole new game!

Ah, exclamation marks, the punctuation of the sarcastic internet tosser.

Maybe I should have zoomed in on my space ship a bit before taking the pictures. Still, the grid lines are less jagged. And… um…

NEXT: I actually play the game long enough to get in a fight, die and put the game down for another three months. Probably.