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What is The Better Batman Bureau?
The Better Batman Bureau is an unofficial Batman web site. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics.
This site is intended as a resource for Batman fans in general and those that frequent the alt.comics.batman newsgroup in particular. It is not intended as competition for the official DC Comics web site and nor is it a commercial venture for my own personal profit.

Why have you moved servers?
On the 13th April 1999 the Unofficial Superboy site received a letter from lawyers acting on behalf of DC Comics asking the owner of the site to make certain changes to his site. Over the next few days other sites also received letters. The main problem the lawyers seemed to have with the sites in question was that they contained adverts. 'Adverts' in the lawyers' definition included, not entirely unreasonably, ad banners put on sites by free web hosting services, such as Xoom, who hosted this site. In order to get rid of the banners and thus, hopefully, avoid the wrath of the lawyers, I decided to do something I'd been meaning to do for a while, namely transferring this site to my Demon account. I didn't like the adverts that Xoom put at the top of every page and was planning to move the site anyway, but the lawyers' actions against other sites gave me the push I needed.

What changes did you make to the site when it was moved?
Very few, actually. The web site that you know and love is pretty much the same. However I did make a few minor changes. The legal notice at the bottom of each page has been changed to emphasize the unofficial nature of this site. The guestbook has gone and the counter has been reset. (We'd had just over 1400 hits at our old location.) The Xoom logo and the bottom of each page has been removed. Visitors will no longer see Xoom advertising in a frame at the top of the screen. The links to a couple of sites that sell comics were removed from the Links page. I also did a bit of cleaning up while I was making the other changes.

Is this The Better Batman Bureau's permanent home?
Possibly. I have recently moved to Texas but have kept my existing British ISP account open so that I can continue to use their mail and web-hosting facilities. I have no plans to move the site again.

Why So Long Between Updates This Year?
Basically, I have no home PC anymore and have to try and find time to use my PC at work to update the site. This means coming into the office at weekends, or staying late, etc. As you can imagine this makes things difficult. Bear with me, I'm trying to sort something out. In the meantime, please accept my apologies.

Why Haven't You Replied To The E-mail I sent you?
Again, having no home PC makes things difficult. I've set something up now, so if you have sent a atory, a question or whatever please send it again and I'll try to get to it.

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The Legal Stuff - Batman and related characters are the property of DC Comics. This is an unofficial web site and is not endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics. All stories present on this site are the copyright of each writer, except for those characters and places that are copyright DC Comics. This web site is designed to provide people with information and entertainment relating to the DC Comics' Batman character and is not in any way a profit-making enterprise.