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GCPD Archive

Welcome to the GCPD archive. Follow the links below to see each episode.

If you don't know who the GCPD are see the Introduction to the GCPD (last updated 7th Feb 2000) by Loren Di Iorio, who also compiled everything. Now available is the GCPD pilot episode - For Miss Gordon's Love. For your pleasure we also present an episode of GCPD: The Animated Series, Wayne Manor.

Season One
Knightfall: At the GCPD with Chris and Loren 18th October 1998
Knightquest: At Verda Mae's with Chris and Loren 23rd October 1998
GCPD: Wayne's Wild Night 8th December 1998
GCPD: Interrogation, Chambered 9th December 1998
GCPD: The C(h)ase of the Lost Agent 10th December 1998
GCPD: Renee's Wild Lanternous Ride 9th December 1998
GCPD: The Mystery of the Vigilante Schoolteacher 12th December 1998
GCPD: Rumble in the Precinct, Good Fellas style 31st December 1998
GCPD: Vari's Vengeance, Renee's Reward, and Chris's Call 16th January 1999
GCPD: Explosions at HQ 17th January 1999
GCPD: The Big Question 19th January 1999
GCPD: Joining the Ship with More Donuts 22nd January 1999

Season Two
GCPD: Smoke and Windows August 14th, 1999
GCPD: Adult Supervision August 18th, 1999
GCPD: Huntress, Prey August 26th 1999

Season Three
GCPD: You Must Remember This December 12th 1999
GCPD: The Death of JC007 December 12th 1999  
GCPD: Rumours, Bargains & Pi January 12th 2000
GCPD: Mysterious Happenings January 12th 2000  
GCPD: They're Playing Our Song January 30th 2000
GCPD: The Swan Sonata January 31st 2000
GCPD: Got Me Singin' Them Penthouse Blues February 4th 2000

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