Did some housekeeping when I started up. Conjured up some zombies to harvest their souls to replenish the charge my magical weapons, wandered over to a blacksmith to have my armor repaired, that sort of thing.

Then, finally, into the Shivering Isles. Started off well enough, but then things went a bit weird.

I tried talking to people at the beginning who should have died, except the monster that was meant to kill them ran and jumped into a lake instead. So when I talked to them I got a (console window?) line at the top of the screen and a “I HAVE NO GREETING” message where their subtitles should be. After wandering around for a few hours of game time wondering what to do I got a message saying all the guys who should have been killed had been and I could continue with my quest. Which I did, until the game locked up when I tried looting a corpse.