Lovely little mining game, hampered by some control issues. Oh, the controls are getting better, but after an hour or so I’m still dumping rocks on to my head instead of digging ledges.

Still, it’s happening less and less frequently, so I think I’m getting there. If I can really get comfortable, this will be those games where I need to beat you round the head until you buy it.

As it stands, you could do a lot worse with your 59p. You could do better, but it’s a good game with a lot of content for your money.

That’s about it.

Miner Disturbance

A randomly-generated volcano level.

What? You want details? Really? It’s going to be dull.

Okay, okay.

You’ve got a map. To the right of the starting area (which houses a shop, high score table, etc.) you’ve got some puzzle-style levels where you need to perform certain tasks, such as getting ten iron or getting down 75 feet, so that you earn money and medals. That’s the main bit of the game and a quick scroll round the map shows about a million levels, each with bronze, silver and gold medals to earn. To the left (to the left) of the starting area, you’ve got a randomly generated volcano, where the aim is to get a high score.

You run and jump around levels, digging holes and platforms, trying to collect ores and artefacts and trying to avoid enemies and environmental hazards. If you lose three lives you die. The aim is to complete tasks (or get points) and then escape again, meaning you’ve got to plan ahead for an escape route.

I think that about covers it.