One thing about going through old games and throwing out those you’ll never play again is that you’re reminded of games you never finished and do want to play again. Like, obviously, the excellent Hitman Blood Money.

I did the tutorial again to remind myself how things worked, then started the first Mission on Normal difficulty. It was so hard that I gave up and loaded my old save, which was set on Expert difficulty. There doesn’t seem to much difference, really. When I last played I’d got stuck on the mission “A Murder of Crows”, but after some experimentation and some less-than-clean kills I managed to complete it. I only got a Gangster rating and left four witnesses alive, but I didn’t do badly enough to make me go back and do it again.

Now on to the next mission, where I have to kill a porn baron. I’ve not got very far yet, just a couple of badly-botched and fatal excursions.