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Company of Heroes (PC)

Another mission. I had to capture a town. The main thing I discovered is that snipers are utter, utter bastards.

I’m really loving this game. It’s nice to have a few small squads that you care about, rather than billions of tanks.

It’s a really about using everyone to the full and trying to make sure they survive. I’m doing far fewer suicide runs in this than in a standard RTS.

42 All-Time Classics (DS)

Okay, so Company of Heroes is still running on my PC, just paused, but I’ve spent hours and hours playing Stamp mode on this. I don’t even like most of the games, for goodness sake! What am I doing?

Company of Heroes (PC)


Another intense strategy game on the PC.

I just had to defend a road against a convoy of German troops. I lost nearly all my little soldier guys and there were huge explosions everywhere and panic and fire and… oh!

Somehow, despite some vehicles getting through I was told I did a good job and it was on to the next mission…

Or rather, it was time to save and take a break before the stress killed me.

42 All-Time Classics (DS)

Variable, but a fair amount of fun playing two-player with wife.

I won.

But not at everything.

She beat me badly at bowling, for example.

Defcon (PC)

Just done the tutorial so far.

I’m not sure that I’ll be very at good this game.

And it gives me chills.