Archive for December, 2008

Chinese Checkers (iPod)

Does what it says with no issues, but it turns out I don’t like Chinese Checkers much.


Reversi (iPod)

Now I’ve played for a bit I can now win Novice level every time I play, but not always by as much as I should do. It’s heartening to see myself get better, though.

Lode Runner (iPod)

Played two or three levels in the car while my wife went and did secret shopping. Controls weren’t an issue most of the time, things only getting bad when I lost my sense of where my thumb was. I think a lot of the problems I put down to the controls are actually down to the game being quite fussy about where you can stand to dig holes.

Anyway, I think I’m now ready to give this my stamp of approval. If you’re interested, go buy.