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Europa Universalis II (PC)

Spent ten euros on this last night as a download from GamersGate. So, ten quid. Bit expensive, maybe, but I love the game. (And if I can’t afford to buy proper console games any more, at least I can treat myself to an old PC game when I get paid.) This is, I think, the third time I’ve bought it. PC CD (lost in time), Mac CD (in the closet somewhere, effectively lost) and now PC download.

I’ve completely forgotten how to play since I last played it $hlmun years ago, though. So I’ll be wading through all the tutorials again at some point.

But, hooray for a strategy game that runs in 800×600!

Lord of the Rings: Conquest Demo (360)

I like the Star Wars Battlefront games, but this (it’s the same game, different licence) doesn’t work. Everything about it is ridiculous, especially the comical voice over man. I think the game works with Star Wars, because that’s always been capable of being a bit silly and light. Lord of the Rings is a more serious work and putting in special powers and respawning just feels wrong. Also, the controls don’t seem to work very well, you’re stuck in tiny areas while the dance scene from the Matrix sequel plays out in the background and it’s all just a bit clunky and rubbish.

Despite its general air of rushed rubbishness, if someone gave it to me, I think I could get some fun out of it. I’m just not going to spend money on it.