I play web version of My Brute every day, so was interested in the iPhone version. There were two problems, though.

1) The iPhone version locks a lot of its content unless you recruit pupils – i.e. persuade other people with the game to type in your code, rather than anyone else’s. As I wasn’t planning on spamming any forums begging for pupils, I knew that I’d never get the most out of the game.

2) It cost £2.99.

Yesterday, the price came down to 59p, so I took the plunge. (And in the unlikely event that anyone reading this does want to be my pupil, my code is CHEAAIFE.)

I have actually got one pupil already, as shown in the screenshot above.

Anyway, My Brute is barely a game – you create a character, watch them fight and get random bonuses when they level up. It limits you to a few fights a day, so you can only play it for a few minutes and it’s hardly even interactive, with your decision-making being limited to a choice of who to fight. Despite all that, though, I find seeing my little brute fight and get stronger to be, well, “interesting” is probably the best word. I’ve been playing it on the web for months, off and on, so I expect I’ll be fighting every day on the iPhone, too.