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Defcon (PC/Mac)

Some chaps over on BETEO have been playing this so I dug old my registration code and joined them for a game last night.

I was the USA and allied with South Asia. This alliance lasted the whole game, more due to having more important targets than any real sense of loyalty, I think. I started the game and failed to notice that South America was actually in the game, so had a bit of a surprise when I was attacked from that direction – having already lost most of my navy to the Russians.

The guy playing the Russians then dropped out due to a bad connection and a CPU player took over. Which was a bit annoying, as the CPU then went on to win handily against the four remaining human players. Only South America put up a proper fight.

I ended up coming third – a huge strike against Russia from my fleet of subs in the North Sea saw to that – but that third was a long, long way behind the top two players.

Denver and Memphis were the only two American cities not to be hit with nukes. I think I ended up losing eighty percent of my population, but at least I did some damage.

Excellent fun and I hope to play again as soon as possible.

The Last Guy (PS3)

This is very good. Hard, but good. Done the first three levels and didn’t get more than one star oon any of them.

Duke Nukem 3D Demo (360)

A very generous demo, which is nice because now I don’t have to buy it. I’ve had my nostalgia fix from the first two levels. It was fun, but I’d got pretty tired of it by the end. If it was 400 points I’d probably get the full version, but it’s worth 800 points to me.