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Left 4 Dead (360)

Possibly the most fun you can have with an Xbox 360, based on my first impressions.

None of my so-called friends were playing this last night (at least not when I was online) so I played some campaign missions with randoms. I’d been warned that playing with randoms was awful, but that wasn’t my experience. People were dropping in and out all the time, but everyone was helpful and didn’t mind that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing a lot of the time. They even said it was okay when I apologised profusely after disturbing the witch. And even the squeaky-voiced kid who wouldn’t shut up wasn’t too annoying. Especially as he healed me a couple of times.

Anyway, it’s fast, intense, wonderfully paced, full of amazing panicky moments and is just plain awesome. I played for a couple of hours, but if I hadn’t seen the time, I’d have thought I’d have played for a maximum of forty-five minutes. Time just flew by.

I got a couple of Achievements, too – both Smoker-related.

Cubello (Wii)

Got through a few levels of this, which I’d bought a while ago and then ignored. It’s a great little puzzle game. Once you get past the first few levels you really need to start being clever with your shots. Somewhat overlooked, I now understand just why many of the people who have played it like it so much.