I played an entire multiplayer game of Carcassonne in one sitting last night.

I lost, heavily.


This is the exact moment that I knew I was doomed.

I thought it was because I’d been unlucky with the draw, but my opponent told me that I’d missed several opportunities to take the biggest castle for myself.

I guess, then, that I’m just not very good. (I’m still third on my friends leaderboard, though.)

I think I’m getting better, slowly. I’m looking at the remaining tiles before playing a move now, for example, to see how likely I am to be able to complete any plans I have. I’m trying to think long term from the beginning, but I think it’s at the expense of flexibility. I decide on a course of action and dedicate myself to it, missing other plays I could make that would be more fruitful.

It’s amazing that after all this time and all these games that I still feel very much like a beginner; it’s an incredibly well-designed game.