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Just a quick go. I’ve taken my PC off my TV and put it back on a monitor and instad of speakers I’ve plugged headphones in. It’s improved the experience greatly. With the sounds so loud and close the scary bits are more unnerving and the fighting bits are just immense.

Good stuff.

Really is bed time now, though.

Table Tennis

Phew. I can now play online again. Unfortunately, the lack of lag exposes my rubbishness. I’ve lost all my matches this evening.

I just had an epic best-of-five match against some random person. My best rally won was 85, his was 87. It was that sort of game and must have gone for at least 45 minutes.

I notice that I’ve had some “unsporting” feedback left me in the last couple of days. Eh? How can someone be unsporting when it comes to Table Tennis? Unless I was somehow unsporting by having a rubbish connection last night. People, eh? Bastards, the lot of them.