I am not a Sonic fan.

Sure, I’ve liked many of his games (especially the Master System version of the first game, but that’s probably some very rose-tinted specs in full effect) and I’ve definitely got something of a spot soft for the spiky wee fellow, but I haven’t had him tattooed on my arm or my heart. He does not represent my childhood. When I see Sega repeatedly raping his twitching corpse in endless failed reboots and spin-offs I tut, but I don’t cry.

As such, I’m probably less precious about Sonic 4 than some other people. Or, to put it another way, I’m going to be more easily pleased.

If the game involves Mr. Hedgehog running through green fields, round loops and jumping into spikes and there aren’t any technical or control issues, then I’m going to be sitting there with a grin on my face and loving it.

Or liking it, at least.

Now, these are very much first impressions. I’ve played the first act of the first zone twice and the second act once. That’s all. I’ve not investigated any other zones (all the levels except boss levels are unlocked after finishing the Zone 1, Act 1). I’ve not seen a boss. I’ve not played any of the difficult levels. I’ve not done much… except enjoy myself. The controls work well, with responsive on-screen controls and the homing attacks feels like a natural part of the mix. The graphics are very colourful and while the framerate isn’t completely solid it’s never been bad.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4

You know what be great on the iPhone? A Chao Garden. Get to it, Sega!

Whether my enjoyment will last, though, I don’t know. Sonic’s always been about replaying levels for me, so I don’t mind that the lack of content as much as some. (Though I’ll admit paying six quid for “Episode One” of an iPhone game rankles a bit. Episode Two better be a cheap in-app purchase or THERE WILL BE GRUMP.) You can play each level as Score Attack or a Time Attack, to add to the fun.

(Hmm, wait a minute. Are there any leaderboards? I’ve not checked. Game Center support now, please!)

So, first impressions are good, but bear in mind I’ve not played much of the game yet. Also, I’m playing on a 3GS, which seems to be the best device for this, iPhone 4 users don’t seem to be happy with the performance.

I just don’t want you to spend six quid on my recommendation and feel ripped off, but there’s no getting around the fact that the game gave me a great big smile while I was doing my morning poo today.