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Guitar Hero 3 (360)

Thanks to the magic of Christmas I now have this game.

I can’t really write much about it as I also have a kitten who seems to be fascinated by my typing. I will say that I completed Easy last night, can’t work out how to play non-career songs in a way that posts a score online, am baffled by them locking some of the best songs away in co-op where I’ll never get them, love the wireless guitar and also I rock.

I also have a new 120GB hard drive. The transfer from my old one is taking ages.

Every Extend Extra Extreme (360)

Just one game of Unlimited mode, but that one game took a while. I was wondering how I could ever actually die, when I pushed things too far, lost a life and then hardly got any more Time Extends and had to watch as my time dwindled away.

Contra 4 (DS)

Games that are harder than this, a complete list. Super Ghosts ‘n’ Ghouls… Um… That’s it, I think. I can, just about, get to the level one boss if I use all my continues, but I can’t beat him. (And if you die and have to use a continue, you start a long, long way back.) On Easy I can defeat it, but somehow Easy doesn’t feel satisfying, despite it being incredibly hard itself. Something about it keeps me plugging away, though. I’m sure I will give it up eventually – I can’t see that boss ever going down – but for now I’m happy enough with the game. I’m just not sure if I could recommend it to anyone but the most hardcore of the hardcore. But it’s a Contra game, so that’s who it’s for I suppose.

Kula World (PSP)

I’m stuck. There’s a level – an early level judging by the graph on the game over screen – that I just can’t do. Except, once I did it without a problem and it all seemed to fit together. I don’t remember how I did it, though, and I’ve never got past it since. Still, it’s a fun little game to play while South Park’s on.