Has it really been over three years since I was playing the PS2 version of this game? (Yes. It has. I’ve checked.)

Anyway, the PSP version is finally here. (I paid for it in August, I think, so it’s nice to get it at last.) First impressions, based on about nintety minutes of play – and, remember, that’s a blink of an eye in Disgaea-time – is that it’s the same game as the PS2 version, so therefore full of greatness.

It looks lovely shrunk down on the PSP screen, though the stats can be a bit tricky to read at times. There seems to be a new person in the castle, who just gives you a list of items you’ve owned, or something. (And there is a brand new story, but I’ve yet to unlock that.)

I’ve not done much yet. Just the tutorials and the first couple of missions. I’ve created a cleric and got Laharl up to rank one in the assembly and now I’m wondering whether I should make a red mage or a green skull for my next character.

I’ve looked back online and one of the last things I wrote when I was playing it in 2004 was about the difficulty I was having levelling up my cleric. And that’s the problem I’m already having right now.

It’s good to be back.