This is brilliant. Yes, it’s a glitchy, buggy and repetitive mess, but it’s a brilliant glitchy, buggy and repetitive mess.

The core world and mechanics are just so good that I find it easy to overlook the problems. Like last night, when a mission I’d finished reset itself because I happened to bump into a Templar on the way back to talk to the guy who’d given me the mission. (As luck it would have it, it was the best side mission yet – a stealth kill of a guard in a crowded street – so doing it again wasn’t something I minded.)

I’ve now taken to killing beggars. You lose sync (i.e. health) whenever you do it, but they’re so annoying that it’s worth it. “Please sir, spare me a coin. Just a single… gurrgggh.” That actually sounds really horrible written down like that and it’s not something I’d recommend in real life, but in the game world it feels great. I’m also killing any lunatics that get in my way, after one alerted an assassination target last night and stopped me from getting a stealth kill.