I went back to this last night and I’m very glad that I did.

The bit I’d got stuck on was only a problem because I’d forgotten one of Bart’s moves. Once I remembered it the puzzle was very easy indeed.

I played quite a few levels after that. The gameplay quality varied from “rather good” to “average bordering on annoying”, but I didn’t get stuck for long on anything. The quality of the script is what carries the game, though. It’s The Simpsons doing games, like the Halloween episodes are The Simpsons doing horror. Will Wright’s appearance is absolute genius and generated actual, real laughter.

I’m wondering how long it takes people who haven’t played Joust to work out how to pass the homage to the game on the Neverquest level, though?

I’m hoping to get a good, long session tonight to finish it off, ready for trade. Not a keeper, but I’m very glad I played it.