Had an excellent bug last night where nobody could shoot except me. NPCs would shout at each other, lob the odd grenade, melee if in range and point their guns menacingly, but would not fire them. Which made things quite easy for a couple of minutes, until I restarted the game.

I spent a lot of the time driving a prototype jet boat through mine-laden waters. Not sure why the guerillas wanted me to do that, I expect they were just having a bit of fun at my expense. Took a few tries, but I completed the mission in the end – and with a bonus for not damaging the boat too much. Excellent.

Then, as I was in the area, I called in a bombing run on a huge oil tanker and stood on top of the bridge as it sank, pretending to be the captain of the Titanic.

And then I called in a helicopter and flew around admiring the view – I’d never been in a helicopter before – until I noticed I was above an HVT (High Value Target) site. Landed the chopper, ran into the compound, grabbed the target and ran down a steep hillside with him slung over my back, bullet whizzing past my ears. When I got to a road I called in a helicopter and sent him back to Universal Petroleum with my compliments.

Another HVT decided to commit suicide before I could get to him, so I had to photograph his corpse and only got half the bounty. (I’m not sure how he managed to drown simply by stepping into three inches of water at the edge of a beach, but I guess he was determined to end his life before I could get to him.)

Then I got a mission that sounds ace. Basically, I have to blow up everything on an island, including a castle being used as a fortress. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do the mission before I had to stop playing, but I’m looking forward to it.