Some chaps over on BETEO have been playing this so I dug old my registration code and joined them for a game last night.

I was the USA and allied with South Asia. This alliance lasted the whole game, more due to having more important targets than any real sense of loyalty, I think. I started the game and failed to notice that South America was actually in the game, so had a bit of a surprise when I was attacked from that direction – having already lost most of my navy to the Russians.

The guy playing the Russians then dropped out due to a bad connection and a CPU player took over. Which was a bit annoying, as the CPU then went on to win handily against the four remaining human players. Only South America put up a proper fight.

I ended up coming third – a huge strike against Russia from my fleet of subs in the North Sea saw to that – but that third was a long, long way behind the top two players.

Denver and Memphis were the only two American cities not to be hit with nukes. I think I ended up losing eighty percent of my population, but at least I did some damage.

Excellent fun and I hope to play again as soon as possible.