Technically dodgy, graphically a bit poor, buggier than it should be (I had to do the first tutorial mission twice because the first time I tried my AI companion got stuck and couldn’t move), etc.

However, it’s also very, very fun. It’s a packed sandbox of fun and frolics. The first few hours are just constant discovery. Things you do in GTA games for fun trigger little diversions. I went into aim mode and pointed my gun at a pedestrian to see what would happen. I expected them to swear at me or run off, instead I triggered a little mugging mini game, where you have to keep your gun aimed at a person until they drop their money. I hijacked a car with a passenger, which started a little hostage-taking mini game. Just lots and lots of small things like that.

In the original Saints Row there was always this awful feeling that the developers just might be trying to take things seriously, now there’s no doubt that everything’s being played for laughs.

And I created a character who’s a heavily-bearded, morbidly obese English chap, which adds to the fun. Especially when I’m wearing my lovely green and pink tube top.

Stingy with the Achievements, though. In five or so hours of play I’ve managed to get five points.