So, I tried again. And I’ve spent my entire lunchtime trying again. And again. Oh, I completed the tutorial I got stuck on last night with ease – even though it didn’t seem to actually give me all the instructions this time round – but then I tried the Mini Campaign option, which gives you fifteen minutes to earn $2,000. The wrinkle being that you can’t actually earn $2,000 without spending money. To get your balance above the winning figure you therefore need to balance spending money on your vehicle so you can explore further with saving money towards your goal.

And all the while you’re trying not to die by overheating, smashing up your vehicle or running out of fuel.

It all adds up to a very compelling experience once you’ve worked everything out and I kept going back for another go. Eventually, after many deaths, I managed to hit the magic $2,000 with two minutes and thirty seconds remaining. Phew!

And, yes, for 59p the full version has been purchased.