Yesterday, I said that Minigore was the Zombies & Me of twin-stick shooters, by which I meant that it was simple, fun, good-looking and polished as heck. To test out whether it was a good comparison, I thought I better play some Zombies & Me, as I’ve been ignoring it.

Two things:

1) My comparison was correct, I think.

2) Zombies & Me is a very good game. Sure, you wouldn’t want it to be your only game, but as one of a collection of short games that are good for a quick go it works very well. There’s nothing else quite like it.

I think the current pricing on the App Store is skewing our idea of value. Sure, it’s nice that there are games for 59p that you can sit down with, then look up and be surprised to find that you’ve lost half an hour. That’s great. However, games that you can play for two minutes at a time do have an important place on an iPhone. Stuck in a queue? Having a little poo? Commercial break during a TV show? There’s nothing wrong with spending a small amount of money on a game you’ll play for a couple of minutes every few days, as long as its good. As far as those games go, simple little games like Zombies & Me, Rope’n'Fly and Racer have as much right to your 59p as things like geoDefense, Underworlds and Isotope.