As I keep saying, this isn’t a review site. If you want a review of Scribblenaurs, John Walker’s review on Eurogamer is perfect. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a review that’s just so correct.

My own thoughts are the same, really. This is a huge achievement, maybe even a landmark game, but the controls and some of the puzzle solutions just really make me want to snap my DS in half at times.

Some of that’s down to playing the American version. Over here we leave out mince pies for Father Christmas. But the American Santa Claus doesn’t want them.

Mostly, though, it’s odd things like ducks not counting as farm animals. Or your character running through a tripwire and blowing everything up when you were trying to grab the end of a rope.

It’s deeply infuriating and broken and glitchy and it makes me more angry than any gave ever has… but it’s also genius. When a clever solution works, it’s the best game ever. And when you’re just messing about on the title screen summoning Mothman and Sasquatch and Champ and making them fight each other… well, yes, it’s just about the most joyful, surprising and wonderful thing ever.

It’s basically an impossible thing. It shouldn’t exist. It’s a harebrained, crackpot idea for a game. The fact that it really, actually does exist and almost, mostly, sometimes works is a miracle. Yeah, it’s all sorts of broken, but you have to play it.