One of the great things about the App Store and iPhone gaming is that so many games get updated for free. There’s even an expectation now that many games will continue evolving after they’ve been released and certain games – Pocket God and Minigore, for example – are sold on the basis that they’ll be updated frequently with lots of new features.

Every day I seem to find iTunes tells me that games I own have new features and bug fixes. Sometimes these updates are small, but sometimes they’re huge.

Which brings us to 4×4 Jam, which last night got a major update. The original version was already great and featured two environments and two vehicles.

Well, now it features six environments and six vehicles, including the wonderfully-named Willy Top.

Some of the new environments aren’t even brown!

Oh, I’ve just checked and there’s a new game mode that I didn’t even notice when I played it this morning in bed. And there’s some new songs. And… well, you get the idea.

It’s a huge update, giving you a lot more ways to hare about and enjoy the gloriously bouncy physics, all for free.

I heartily approve.