Imagine my surprise when I saw a screen shot of this game appear in iPhoto this morning. You see, I’d bought it last night when I couldn’t sleep and then had completely forgotten about it by this morning.

Big Buck Hunter Pro

That's a big buck!

Still, it was a pleasant surprise, because it’s a fun game. It’s a quick, arcade shooting gallery game that just happens to feature bucks and does instead of terrorists and hostages, or whatever. You get points for killing bucks, fail if you kill a doe and get bonus points for killing little critters.

Beavis and Butthead

Heh heh heh. Your mom's a big buck hunter.

Having to reload after every shot means you really have to be accurate and it all appears to be rather good. The speed of the whole thing means it’s less creepy than games where you stalk your prey, so might even be worth a look for people who aren’t interested in other hunting games.

If you’ve got real issues with shooting innocent animals in the throat, though, it still won’t be for you.