In my last blog post about Swerve Runner I said that I’d be unlikely to go back before there was an update. That was Friday morning. On Friday evening, I did go back, and had a good time. On Saturday, there was an update. This update added an “Insanity” mode, which is the same as the regular game, but much, much faster.

Swerve Runner

I'll be dead in less than a second.

It’s a lot harder, obviously, but it’s not impossible and it’s huge amounts of fun. Okay, yes, sometimes you’re moving so fast that death is unavoidable, but the sheer thrill of travelling so quickly outweighs other concerns. I do believe I laughed with a mixture of disbelief and delight as I played, which is always a good sign.

The update also put a cap on the number of lives you can collect, which makes even the regular speeds more tense. All in all, a very good update to a very good game.