I played a lot of games over the weekend, so I’m going to lump the indie games I played on the 360 into one post.


Definitely the pick of the bunch. I paid my 240 points for unlimited gameplay and online high scores and don’t regret it for a second. The risk/reward system is absolutely spot on, leading to many deaths in search of better scores. (I did better before I’d worked it all out, which is a sign that it’s working properly.) My only problem is that none of my friends seem have bought it, but that’s hardly the game’s fault. Top stuff.


It’s funny for a while, but games go on too long. Nevertheless, I paid the eighty points for the full version just to reward the developer for creating something amusing, slightly insane and that doesn’t completely forget gameplay in pursuit of the lulz.


I bought this a long time ago, but hadn’t played it for ages. The way the music and gameplay interact is pure, genuine brilliance and lifts a fairly standard twin-stick shooter up into the realms of the truly special. If you didn’t check it out when it was new, do so now.

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning Demo

Knowing, gently amusing NES-style RPG. I didn’t buy it, because I doubt I’ll ever put much time into it, but I’m tempted to spend eighty points just as a small message of thanks to the developer for putting a smile on my face for ten minutes or so.

Beat Hazard

This twin-stick shooter supposedly creates levels based on the music you choose. It looks very impressive and plays fluidly enough, but I didn’t notice much connection between the gameplay and the songs. It’s also a bit stingy, not even allowing you to finish a song in the demo. Along with the indie-high price tag of 400 points, that meant that I didn’t buy it. Worth a download, though, just to check it out.