This is actually a decent little football game. The arrows showing where your passes will go are a very nice touch, the buttons being labelled with actual words are good, the analogue stick appearing where you put your thumb help the controls… it just feels like someone sat down and actually thought about the game and didn’t just shove a World Cup skin on a standard football game template.

FIFA World Cup

The replay viewer has more features than you might expect in a mobile game.

There are issues, of course. Player switching can be painful and there’s a distinct lack of teams compared to FIFA 10, obviously enough. I’m not even sure how well it would stand up to huge amounts of play. But for me, wanting just to play a quick game of footie now and again, this is just about right.

Of course, there’s X2 Football 2010 out now, which everyone’s raving about. I’ve not tried that (yet) and it might be a better game than FIFA, but unless I’m missing some horrendous bugs or exploits (perfectly possible given my limited time with the game) I can’t see anyone feeling too ripped off if they buy this.