Well, isn’t this just darling.

I’m not quite sure what I mean by that, but my brain made me write it.

I’ve not been sleeping very well lately.

Pollen, you know.

Pix’n Love Rush, though, lovely game.

You’re a little chap, as you often are in games, and you have to jump around collecting coins and shooting bats. The levels are short and random and it speeds up as you go along and it looks brilliant and it’s immensely fun to play and, oh, I love it.

Pix'n Love Rush

This is the 2x multiplier skin. Different multipliers give you different looks.

Some people are complaining about problems with the controls, but I have very adaptable thumbs and haven’t had a problem. They work fine for me.

My only really beef is with the way high scores work with OpenFeint. The developers have set it so you can only get on the leaderboard if you get a score of over a million points. My current best in the 5-minute mode is slightly more than 500,000. (There’s also an endless mode I’ve not tried yet.) As such, I can’t compare my scores with my friends.

I can see where the developers are coming from, wanting the scoreboards to be a real Hall of Fame, but I think it’s the wrong decision. I’d much rather be able to see my friends’ scores than work towards getting some bragging rights. Still, there’s a local high score table, so it doesn’t spoil the game, just takes some of the shine off.

I also like some of the achievements, especially one I got called Lucky. I wasn’t sure why it popped up, so I looked at the description, which says that I was very lucky but I’ll never know why. I may not have laughed out loud, but I definitely smirked.

So, a wholehearted recommendation here to anyone who doesn’t have trouble making their thumbs remember positions on the screen. Oh – and hold off if you’re an iPhone 3G owner. At the time of writing the game won’t start on those handsets, but a fix is coming.