So, right, last night was a “Play Big Games” night. And by “big” I don’t mean AAA or best-selling, but big in terms of the number of megabytes. Running out of space on my iPhone, you see.

Anyway, first to be tested was Fast & Furious Adrenaline, in which you race cars down streets and try to get to the finish line before other cars. Sometimes you do a time trial where you have to beat time itself, rather than other cars, but not in a Doctor Who kind of way.

Fast & Furious Adrenaline

I was so busy taking a picture I missed those blue arrows.

Other times you do drag racing, which relies on you timing your gear changes and then using your boost. These are great fun, because they are different.

The main racing, you see, isn’t that interesting. Oh, it’s a long way from broken. Okay, when you crash it all goes a bit funny trying to turn you round the right way again, but the tilt controls work very nicely, the tracks even have shortcuts and it’s all quite nice (when the framerate isn’t plummeting to depths even BP couldn’t reach). It’s just not very exciting and, along with the performance issues, led to me deleting the game from phone. Not without regrets, but too few to mention.

Fast & Furious Adrenaline

Yeah... no.

Felt like a slightly harsh decision, but I’ve got plenty of driving games. And it’s not like I’m deleting the game from iTunes, I can always put it back on if I feel inclined.

But I won’t.