Ah, Tony Hawk, the skater even I’ve heard of. This was a great game on the Playstation back in the day, so how does it stand up on the iPhone?

It doesn’t. Stand up. It falls on its face and sprawls on the ground in a mess of what should, by rights, be broken bones.

No. Wait. That’s just me playing the game. I’m as rubbish as I ever was.

Just as rubbish. The same amount of rubbish.

And that, you see, is because – ta da! – it’s the same game! It runs perfectly, the controls are so good I could kiss them and it’s just exactly like playing the game on the Playstation, except now it’s on my phone.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Oh crap, oh crap, I am going to die.


The two-minute time limits are perfect for handheld gaming, it looks pretty nice shrunk down and it’s much faster than the more realistic skaters we’ve been playing lately.

So, yes, excellent stuff. I just wish I was better at it. And that I could remember where the secret tapes were.