Brilliant. And free. Until tomorrow. Go download now.

Don’t read the rest of this blog, it’s going to be either incredibly dull or just complete nonsense, so there’s no point. Go to iTunes and download this game while it’s free.

Still here? Why? Morbid curiosity or something?

Super KO Boxing 2

Thanks for blocking your face just as I took a screenshot, dick.

Um, okay, right. Super KO Boxing 2 is a boxing game that’s apparently like Punch Out, or whatever it’s called. Not a game that ever made any great impression on me. Maybe it should have done, though, because this is great. Oh, it may get too hard soon – I’ve only done the fights in the first location – and it already seems to be taxing my reaction times beyond their limits. (I’ve noticed over the last few years that my reaction times have got much worse than they were when I was a bright young thing. Goodness knows how bad they’d be if I didn’t keep them trained with all these games.)

For now, though, this game is great fun and an absolute steal for free.