In a recent article Touch Arcade talked about three games about kicking stationary balls into the back of nets.

They were 59p each, so I bought them all. (Not all at once, mind, but over three days.)

irst up, Flick Kick Football, an insanely brilliant game from the makers of Flick Kick Field Goal. (Which used to be excellent, but which has been kicked out of the door and into the street with nothing but the clothes on its back now Flick Kick Football has appeared.)

Flick Kick Football

Ignore my high score in the corner there, it's much better now.

There’s a ball, probably some cardboard-cutout defenders and a goal. You flick your finger to kick the ball, adding curve to get round the obstacles and into the goal. It feels just right and the quest for higher and higher scores left my battery panting and gasping for breath. (I bought it on Friday evening. By Saturday afternoon I’d played for three hours.)

The illusion is broken if you try to kick the ball slowly, so don’t do that, but otherwise I don’t have a single complaint to make. Brilliantly presented, tuned to perfection and 59p – it’s what iPhone gaming’s all about.