Fruit Ninja

Kill the fruit! Kill it all to death!

The final game I need to blog about today, Fruit Ninja has just reached the million sales mark. It’s very simple – slash the screen to slice fruit, avoid slicing bombs – but the presentation is exquisite and it’s a very satisfying high score game. For more than 59p it would feel like an indulgence, but at 59p it feels, if not necessary, then at least like money very well spent.

And, right, I do apologise for the lack of wit and insight today, but I’ve been rushing through these and, well, it’s not like this blog has much of either of those things even on its best days.

I starting to wonder if I wouldn’t just be better off writing about each game once and sticking a score on the end, but that’s not what this is all about. Hopefully, even if my writing is generally poor, seeing how often games get played and when is valuable… somehow.

And at least you can be sure of an honest opinion about the games, even if it’s an opinion that might change if I discover a broken level or read the instructions and find I’ve been missing something, or whatever.