So, yeah, I got into the second round of the World Cup at the weekend. A feat I’ve not managed before or since. Okay, so I then got knocked out by Australia, of all people, but I was still proud of my performance.

World Soccer Champs 2010

It may not look like much in that screen shot, but it's a fantastically rewarding footie game.

It’s a tough game – though I seem to find it tougher than a lot of other people – but it’s very satisfyng. It always feels like the game rewards understanding and skillful play. It’s not an instant smash hit, but it’s definitely a grower.

It doesn’t seem to be selling very well, which is a crying shame, as it deserves an awful lot of love.

I just wish it didn’t keep locking up my phone and forcing a hard reset when it decides I haven’t got enough free memory. Bit of a bugger, that – especially as I seem to be the only person with the problem.