And, yeah, talking of how I like games and can enjoy most of them… here comes Omino!

It’s a bit like Super Mario Bros, only missing inertia and a lot of animation. Feels like something made in a construction kit, though it’s probably not.

It’s not that good, really – but, but, but I didn’t hate it. I downloaded it – it’s free! – and played through the two included levels without feeling angry at using up some of my life on it. When the screen popped up at the end of the second level asking me to spend 59p on the rest of the game I declined, but I didn’t mind it asking.


A game a parent would proudly display on their fridge.

It has all the hallmarks of something one person put together at home in their spare time – and if I’d made this game I’d be very pleased with myself. Let’s hope the developer keeps going and makes better and better games. If you’re reading this, I may not have loved your game, but I salute you, madam or sir. Keep going, get better and well done. Oh – and that walk-on-water power-up was a nice surprise.

(Conversely, if the game was made in an office by a team who are hoping to make money for rent and food from the game… oops. Sorry guys.)