I won’t rehash the story of this game’s turbulent development. (If you don’t know about it, you can read more at Wired.)

I will say, though, that I had no interest in the game until I saw it was free. (It still is, by the way.)

What you’ve got is a puzzle-platformer, where you have to switch characters to get past obstacles and collect the four golden palm trees needed to clear each level.

Babylonian Twins

That swordsman is just about to kill me.

It’s actually very playable, with great controls and excellent level design. The only problem is that it uses a lives system that means you have to start a level from scratch once you’ve lost all your lives. I know, I know, that’s standard practice, but the levels are huge and far less interesting second time around. It really saps my will to carry on playing when I’ve got three of the palms and then lose my last life because a bat’s hit me in the face.

Might just be me, though, and it’s a still pretty marvellous that they’re giving the game away.