“From the makers of Canabalt.”

That should tell you everything. You’ve got a simple, ferociously addictive little game that costs £1.79. And you can play it on the web for free.

Gravity Hook HD

Green blobs are safe to latch on to. The blue ones, less so.

Just bear in mind that it’s a lot simpler to tap on orbs than it is to move the mouse over them and click. My average score is a lot better on the iPhone than the web version, at least.

My only real problem with is it that my name breaks the high score tables. I’m using the same account or Canabalt and Gravity Hook, but it doesn’t look like the high score tables in Gravity Hook are prepared for my user name.


Gravity Hook HD

My name's That Rev Chap.

Gravity Hook HD

That Rev and Chap aren't two different players.

Gravity Hook HD

It's all messed up.

So, yeah, if you’re reading this, developers, it would be lovely to see a fix. I know it doesn’t matter globally – I was one of the first to get the game, so that’s probably the only time I’ll be in the global table – but it would be nice for my local high score table to be formatted properly.