Right, this is a pirate-themed clone of Oasis, which I played many years ago. Well, maybe calling it a clone’s a bit harsh, as there are quite a few differences, but it is heavily reminiscent of the earlier game. Still, Oasis isn’t out for the iPhone (just the iPad), so there’s no competition on the platform.

It’s a turn-based game where you uncover a map and try to get as many defenses as possible put together before your turns run out and the pirate ships attack.


You can't uncover all the map and set up all your defense with the turns you have. You need some luck and to make some hard decisions.

I’ve only done the tutorial and a couple of real levels so far, but it does what it’s meant to do. If you’ve played Oasis you’ll know whether this is for you or not. If you haven’t, well, it might be worth taking a chance.

This is probably where I should write something in more detail, but this isn’t a reviews site, just quick notes about games I’ve been playing. Honestly, even if I wanted to write a detailed review, I’ve not played this enough to do so.

The best thing to do is to come back later (or subscribe to my RSS feed) and see whether I keep playing this or not. That’s the only really good guide to quality for this sort of game.