Follows the same template as Deer Hunter, except – duh – you’re in Africa. And you’re not shooting deer. There are kudu, which are quite like deer, but you’re also shooting zebra, lions, buffalo and elephants. And maybe another one I’ve forgotten. (I have seen them all, because I got the achievement for killing one of each species last night. Time for a tasty mixed grill!)

So, you start wandering around the map until you find some animal tracks.

Deer Hunter: African Safari

Lions can hunt you back, which loses you points rather than limbs.

Then you set yourself up in a good hunting position and prepare to kill some animals.

Deer Hunter: African Safari

What's black and white and red all over?

Repeat until you’ve killed five animals or night falls. That’s about it. You can spend points you earn on new weapons, equipment and stat increases, you can unlock new areas to hunt in and, just like its predecessor, you can view your best kills in the trophy room.

Deer Hunter: African Safari

Poor little bugger, shot while nomming.

That’s pretty much it. It all works very well and, as with any shooting game, a good kill is very satisfying. The death animations make me feel pretty horrible about myself, but I can live with that. You see, I started off with my first hunting games to investigate a sub-genre I knew nothing about, but now I rather like them. And I’d definitely like to see an Urban Sniper spin-off of the Deer Hunter series.