You have to say it a pirate voice. Invade-arrrrrrrrr. I mean, you could just say “Invader R”, but would be boring and rubbish and WRONG. Even if it’s actually right, it’s WRONG.

(I think WRONG has to be in capital letters now. I think the lower-case version has lost all meaning in this Internet age.)


If this doesn't look familiar then you are dead.

Anyway, InvaderR is Space Invaders, but doesn’t make me want to chew my own legs off with boredom when I play it. Infinity Gene managed this by inviting us into a cyberpunk world of robot dreams and the music of our bionic future, InvaderR does it by just making it really fast and not bothering to have the invaders drop down the screen.

It’s tilty, free and it may not be brilliant, but it does its job efficiently enough to keep you engaged until you clear the whole screen and then decided you’ve got a bit bored.