I’ve gone back to it.

But I’m now stuck. Completely and utterly stuck.

Some sterotyped Chinese chap wants me to find him a book. In a huge building full of books. I think I’ve found a code number to identify it, but I can’t see any way of applying that code to the environment in order to find the book.

I’ve been taken random books of shelves and giving them to him, just on the off chance, but he keeps telling me it’s the wrong one. Which isn’t a surprise.

I’ve just been walking around the building hoping inspiration will strike. But that doesn’t look like happening any time soon.

I almost dozed off just now, which isn’t a good thing to do while playing a game.

The controls are shit, there’s an enforced first-person bit where it ignores your invert settings for the camera, the lip-syncing is awful and now this.

What am I missing? Nobody else seems to have had problems completing the game. What. Am. I. Missing?