Well, Boling Point and Ridge Racer 6 arrived today. I was trying to decide which to play first when I remembered how many unfinished games I have. And not games that are unfinished because they’re too rubbish or too hard, but games I love but have stopped playing.

So I leapt back into Dragon Quest VIII, which was dangerously close to being left forever for no reason. Played it for another hour and a half, but now I’m stuck. I’ve got to go somewhere, but I’ve no idea how to get there. I don’t think I got any clues when I last played a few weeks ago that I’ve forgotten, but it’s a possibility.

I think I may have missed an entrance to a passage somewhere I was a while back. I’ll go back and check, but the game’s stupid save system means I haven’t got time to investigate properly tonight. I wish there was just a quicksave option you could use at any time.